About Us


Since Cave Vineyard opened it’s doors in 2004, we’ve been producing award winning wines made primarily from grapes grown in our own 15 acres of vineyard.  The winery is very much a family affair! All 4 of Marty & Mary Jo’s daughters are involved, as are their husbands, who are affectionately referred to as the S.I.L.’s (Sons in law).  The grandsons provide much needed summertime help.  The family looks forward to many more years of vinting, brewing, & distilling as there are 9 grandsons to pass down the legacy.


The first 7 acres of grapevines were planted in 2000. An additional 7 acres were planted in 2001. The first harvest of these vines was in August of 2003.  The latest acre of Vignoles was planted in 2009. We currently grow four varieties of grape: Traminette, Chambourcin, Vignoles, and Norton (Our state grape here in Missouri!). However, Seyval will be added to the vineyard in Spring 2022.


Our natural Saltpeter Cave is located directly underneath our winery & tasting room.  Once guests have made a purchase of one of our award winning Missouri wines, they are welcome to picnic inside the cave!  

The opening to the Cave is approximately 100 feet across and 35 feet tall.  We can comfortably seat about 100 people.  We do not store any wine inside the Cave.  With such a large opening, the temperature changes too much.  While most Caves maintain a constant temperature, ours changes with the weather.  However, it is still quite comfortable on the hottest of summer days!  Our Cave is open year round, weather permitting, and can even be enjoyed during the winter months!