A Unique Wine
Country Experience

Enjoy wine inside a natural cave!

Come enjoy wine inside a natural cave!

Cave Vineyard derives its name from the remarkable Saltpeter Cave located just a short walk from the Tasting Room. This is a must stop destination for those looking to enjoy a unique wine country experience.  Start your visit in the Tasting Room, located on top of the cave.  Sample our family’s award winning wines made from grapes grown just a few feet away.  Our own spirits, craft beer, & biscotti are also available!

Once you find your bottle of choice, we invite you to picnic in our Cave!

Our Family is Proud to Offer:


Our Missouri Wines are made with grapes grown primarily here at our vineyard.   We work hard year round to produce wines that we hope you enjoy as much as we do!


We know that wine is not for everyone, and the S.I.L.’s are happy to oblige!  They typically have a Wheat, IPA, & Stout available for our non-wine drinking guests.


Our family grew up dunking our biscotti in wine.  Ours are baked here weekly.  We hope you enjoy Grandma Strussione’s specialty as much as we do!


For our family, making Brandy was a natural progression from winemaking. We are truly enjoying the fruits of our labor and look forward to expanding our spirit offerings as our Whiskey and Bourbon age.

We can’t wait to see you!

In addition to our own wine, spirits, beer, biscotti & bread, we’ve got local favorites available!

A Red Grape’s Journey

Harvest is our busiest time of year, both in the Tasting Room and the Vineyard.  Here’s a little glimpse into the harvest process.

We hope you’ll join us for a unique wine country experience, sipping wine inside a natural cave!