Saltpeter cave

Our natural Saltpeter Cave is located directly underneath our winery & tasting room. Once guests have made a purchase of one of our award winning Missouri wines, they are welcome to picnic inside the cave!

The opening to the Cave is approximately 100 feet across and 35 feet tall. We can comfortably seat about 100 people. We do not store any wine inside the Cave. With such a large opening, the temperature changes too much. While most Caves maintain a constant temperature, ours changes with the weather. However, it is still quite comfortable, even on the hottest of summer days!


Very little has been historically recorded about the cave. We do know that in the late 1700’s a Frenchman was mining the Cave for Saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate) and sending it down the river to New Orleans where it was used to make gunpowder.

Today, the cave is inhabited primarily by picnickers & wine enthusiasts, enjoying the sounds of the babbling brook and the taste of quality Missouri wines, spirits, & brew.