Group Arrivals

If you have 15 or more guests, reservations must be made in advance.  Please contact Laura Oliver at  LOLIVER@CAVEVINEYARD.COM to check availability.

Please read info below for everything you need to know about bringing a group here to the winery!

  • It is extremely important that your group arrives at the time scheduled as other groups may be arriving shortly after yours.  If your arrival time changes, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can let you know whether or not there would still be availability.
  • In order to make a reservation, groups of 30+ guests will be required to make a non refundable deposit of $100.00 which will be applied to their tasting fee.
  • Pre-Selected wine flights, offering a variety of our wines, are available to your group. Flights offer 5 samples for $5.00 (plus tax).  We ask that groups make one single payment by 5pm the Friday prior to arrival, as flights will be prepared in advance.  Contact Laura Oliver 314-616-1098 for payment.  If payment is not made, and upon arrival the group wishes to do tastings, please expect a minimum of a 30 minute wait as we prepare samples.
  • Wine flights will be presented in numbered 1 oz cups with lids along with a numbered tasting sheet so guests are able to determine what they are tasting.
  • Upon arrival, Cave Vineyard staff will direct the group where to go to receive their flight.
  • After guests determine which wine they prefer, they may proceed to the Tasting Room bar to make their purchase.  Plastic cups will be provided for on site sipping.  Wine glasses available for purchase for $12.00 ea (plus tax).
  • Wine purchase is required. At least 1 bottle per every 5 people in your group.  Wine does not have to be consumed on property, you may bring it home with you. 
  • We do not reserve space inside the cave.  However, we’d be happy to reserve space for your group in our outdoor Pavilion, if available.
  • You are welcome to bring your own food and non alcoholic beverages.  NO OTHER ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED ANYWHERE ON THE PREMISES.   Please make sure all members of the group are aware.  This includes: coolers, cups, water bottles, etc. If any member of the group brings outside alcohol, the entire group will be asked to leave the premises.  Cave Vineyard reserves the right to check all coolers/baskets/plastic cups, etc. 

      We look forward to welcoming you and your guests to

      Cave Vineyard!