Upcoming Event:


Saturday, March 25.  1pm-3pm.  No reservations necessary

All winter long we prune the vineyard and gather the grapevine cuttings. When we are finished, we gather up the cuttings and burn them. This year, we are inviting you to witness the burning along with us!
Burning of the Vines is a tradition that began in Europe. It marks the end of winter pruning as we look forward to budbreak. It’s a bit of symbolism of death and rebirth.
Come join us! We’ll be offering a Pizza & Wine special: Includes bottle of wine and pizza of your choice. It also includes a coupon for a tasting for 2 to be used at a later date this year.
All guests will be offered a small vine cutting attached to a paper to toss into the fire. This is an opportunity to write down anything you’d like to leave behind, or any hopes, as we leave winter and enter into spring.
No reservations necessary. Tasting room open 10am-4pm.