Cave Vineyard is proud to announce the release of it’s first barrel aged bottled brew!  Spelunker, a Russian Imperial Stout, will hit the Cave Vineyard Tasting Room shelves this weekend.  It is not only the first barrel aged brew, but marks the first bottling of an S.I.L. (Son-in Law) Brew.

This Russian Imperial Barrel Aged Stout is a limited release.  It was aged 3  months in a single Chambourcin wine barrel.  “It’s the perfect union between winery and brewery,” says head S.I.L. Brewmaster, Tim Riemensnider.   He adds, “Aromas of cherry and oak combine with the dark malt flavors of the beer to leave an intriguing beer that is hard to put down.  It is quite smooth for a big alcohol beer.” (8.5% ABV)

The Sons in Law of owners Marty & Mary Jo Strussione have been brewing beer for the winery the last 3 years.  Previous brews have been available on tap in the tasting room on a seasonal basis.  “They successfully found a way to fund their hobby”, says owner Marty with a laugh. ”But it has proven to be a popular addition to our winery.”

Bottling the beer allows the brew to be available year round.  It also accommodates those guests who often request to take beer home with them.  Seasonal beers will still be available on tap.  However, there are future plans to bottle favorites such as their IPA & Wheat brews.