Cave Vineyard is nestled in the southeastern rolling hills of Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. This winery and distillery derives its name from the Saltpeter Cave located on the property. The 14 acres of grapes are cared for by the Strussione family, who has owned the property since 1995.


Marty and Mary Jo Strussione purchased the Cave Vineyard property in the late 1990’s with absolutely no intention of getting into the wine business. While Marty made wine as a young man with his grandfather for personal use, he was really thinking that this piece of southeast Missouri would be the ideal spot to settle into once he retired. The Strussione family was very familiar with the beauty of the area and jumped on the chance to purchase what they realized was prime country real estate…plus, who wouldn’t want to own their own cave?

Soon following Marty’s retirement from healthcare in St. Louis, the couple decided that this acreage provided the perfect place to build their dream retirement residence. But once their home was built and they were all settled in, it took Marty a whole 10 minutes to realize that “retirement” was not for him. He discovered that their property was perfect for grape growing.

It wasn’t long before Cave Vineyard became a family affair. The couple’s 4 daughters, 3 sons in law (affectionately referred to as the SIL’s), & 9 grandsons all play a role in some aspect of this family business. Whether they are picking grapes, brewing beer, baking biscotti, or working the tasting bar, each has found their niche in the business.