Current Wine List


Our wines are primarily made from grapes grown right here on the property. The grapes are crushed, pressed, fermented, aged, & bottled here in our winery which is viewable from our Winery Loft.
In addition to our wines, the SIL’s microbrew is available by the bottle.  (Free Labor IPA, Kiss Ass Wheat, & Spelunker Stout)


Dry Wines

S.I.L Chardonel

Tropical & citrus fruit.  Sip with chicken, seafood and mild cheeses.  $17.00

Chardonel Dry:

NEW RELEASE! Oak Aged, a perfect complement to poultry, creamy cheese, & heavy cream sauces.  $19.00


NEW RELEASE!  Unoaked, full bodied, fruity, citrus notes. Pair with Mexican food or fresh fruit.  $19.00

Chambourcin 2010: 

MEDAL WINNER! Medium bodied, fruity aroma.  Pair with pork, sausage, BBQ.  $19.00

Norton 2012:

MEDAL WINNER!  Notes of plum & dark cherry. Pair with smoked meats & sharp cheeses.  $20.00


Semi Dry

Cave Rock Off Dry

MEDAL WINNER! Lychee, floral, & orange blossom notes.  The palate is fresh with citrus characteristics.  Sip on a warm day or enjoy with Asian dishes.  $16.00

Chardonel Off Dry:

NEW RELEASE Fruity characteristics, citrus, lemon, & grapefruit.  Perfect with seafood, poultry, & fresh herbs.   $17.00

Grotta Rossa:

MEDAL WINNER!  Medium bodied, lots of fruit & berry notes.  Pair with lighter meat dishes, pasta, & BBQ.  $19.00


Semi Sweet & Sweet Wines

First Time Blush: 

MEDAL WINNER!  Slightly sweet & fruity.  Perfect for brunch or sipping alone.  $15.00


MEDAL WINNER! Rose petal, orange, & lychee nose.  Full bodies with a soft sweet finish. Pairs well with spicy dishes.  $16.00

Cave Rock White:

MEDAL WINNER!  Full bodied with a rounded sweet finish.  Wonderful tropical fruit, pineapple, citrus, & grapefruit aroma. Serve with dessert or savor the sweetness alone.  $15.00

Cave Rock Red:

MEDAL WINNER!  Full bodied and fruity.  Berry fruits coupled with floral & spicy notes.  Oh so good with chocolate! $15.00

Vino Grande:

(not available for tasting) NEW RELEASE Fortified sweet red wine. A bold wine perfect for sipping, as an aperitif, or with dessert.  $40.00