Biscotti Bar

Biscotti Bar


Traditionally, biscotti are found in Italy enjoyed with Vin Santo after dinner. However, the Strussione family has always enjoyed dunking biscotti in wine, and not just after dinner; it’s a delicious treat any time of day! The family has decided to share Grandma’s Biscotti, along with a few other modern variations, to enjoy with the family’s wines!

Winery guests can experiment with the different flavors and treat their palettes to countless combinations. Whether savory, sweet, or spicy, guests are sure to find one to love! Ask for the family’s pairing recommendations, or try one of your own! The fun part is trying the different biscotti with different wines. When that perfect match is found, the best is brought out in both the wine and the biscotti – they’re a perfect compliment!

All biscotti are made from scratch in the Cave Vineyard Winery Loft Kitchen. Recipes are based on Grandma Strussiones original Almond Biscotti.

Biscotti are available seasonally (April-November)

as well as Route du Vin Event Weekends

Typically, you may find 8-12 different varieties available on a given weekend.  They are sold exclusively at the Winery and cost $1 each.  Some of our favorites:

Grandma’s Almond


Pineapple Coconut

Key Lime

Dark Chocolate/Dark Cherry

Chocolate Cayenne



Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Bacon Chocolate Chip


Cranberry Orange


Banana Nut Walnut

Goat Cheese and Herb de Ste. Genevieve

Blue Cheese & Walnut